Business Coaching vs Consulting: What's the Difference?

Is your business not performing the way you thought it should? Are you considering hiring a business coach or consultant?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or lacking motivation, reaching out for objective support could be a wise move. But do you need a business coach or a consultant? And what is the difference between the two?

Here’s what you need to know about coaching vs consulting.

Done for You vs. Done With You

While consulting and business coaching may seem like similar services, they are actually quite different.

A business consultant will work with the management of a company to improve its performance and productivity. They will work alongside many of the employees of a business to determine how it can be made more profitable.

Business consultants will interview folks from CEOS and CFO’s to administrative professionals to help understand the perspectives of all aspects of your business. They may look at product development, marketing, and business models.

Your business consultant can then make recommendations. They will also work hands-on with management to implement them.

Business coaches, on the other hand, will leave the “doing” up to the client. They will study your business and come up with strategies to make it more profitable in today’s market. A business coach can help you come up with strategies that will accelerate your business growth.

Yet a business coach won’t actually implement the strategies. They will work with you to help build on your company’s strengths. The actual “doing,” however, is up to you.

Individuals vs. Processes

The focus of a business coach is on the individual business operator and how they can improve their operation. A business owner who is feeling overwhelmed and frustrated may contact a business coach who will help them clarify their goals and strategies and talk about how they can make them work better.

A business coach will also be studying your business against the market to determine how it can perform better. They will offer a fresh, objective perspective. 

Yet a business consultant will spend more time focused on your balance books and your bottom line. They don’t have the personal and motivational emphasis on your business that business coaches do. A business consultant will be looking more at the processes running your business and how they can be improved, rather than at individuals with business goals.

Advising vs. Partnering

A business coach will act more like a partner while a consultant will operate more as an advisor in your business

A business consultant can help you analyze your business and teach you skills you don’t know. They are well-versed in aspects like sales, marketing, and packaging.

A business coach, however, can help you brainstorm and motivate you. They can also provide accountability and support.

Coaching vs. Consulting

If you’re looking to hire someone to help improve your bottom line, it’s important to know about coaching vs consulting. Coaches can motivate you and clarify your business goals while consultants take a more hands-on approach with the technical aspects of your business. In both cases, you’ll be getting an expert pair of eyes to look over your business and make it more efficient.

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