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[00:00:33] Hey what’s going on everybody, just wanted to take a moment to shoot a testimonial for my man. Ravi. Ravi. Ravi. Ravi. Ravi Abuvala. Yo, I just wanna give a huge, huge shout out to Ravi. Ravi Abuvala, I’m a big believer in learning from people that are at a place that you want to be. Honestly, nothing really connected until I met him. And he’s continuously giving me so much value. With his course you connect with people who are achieving highly in their businesses and in their agencies, and just that alone is worth the price of admission.

[00:00:39] What’s going on? My name is Amy Page. I’ve been doing lead generation for a long time now to Google ads, Facebook ads, and I’ve never had any luck with cold outreach and cold e-mail and cold contacted and stuff like that. And so I knew I needed something that would move the needle. And I came across Ravi a long time ago, but I came across this program just a couple of weeks ago and decided to make the investment, you know. You know, nervous about it, because I never had anything for called e-mail to work or cold called contact to work. But I saw everyone else results and stuff like that. So I made the investment. And sure enough, like within the first week, we saw our positive responses and stuff like that.

[00:01:28] When I first spoke to Ravi about it, I was like here we go another another kid, this pitch me with his health program. He probably made, you know, a hundred dollars in sales and was out, of course. But I spoke to him. It was quite obvious he was talking about. So I took the plunge. Obviously, you know, we’re ready to invest in ourselves. We need to invest in our business. And I really need to give to the next level. And after seeing these testimonials and basically in all these guarantees, I guarantee you, just hope for yourself. So I don’t get confidence. So enjoy the program. You know, went through the steps, you know, really, really great videos. It wasn’t like you would watch 60 Minutes videos for two months. It was actionable items right away. And I kind of revamped my business pretty much overnight. Scaling with systems is absolutely incredible, incredible coaching program that teaches you how to systemized and automate. And without the program, I wouldn’t have learned how to automate and systemized my business to the point where I’m now doing 2.5k deals each month.

[00:02:46] If you’re looking to scale your business in whatever Netsch and it’s not the first time that you’re hearing from Ravi’s course and Ravis V.A’s Invite, Ravi system. I mean, you got to get into it. Don’t hesitate. It’s worth the money. It’s wait worth the investment because your business is gone to scale and fast. I mean, we had over 20 positive replies from Linked-In, Instagram, cold e-mails. Really. And we closed one deal, one, two thousand dollar deal in less than two weeks.

[00:03:22] Ravi, thank you so much. Honestly, I came through at a time where I absolutely needed to master systems. So peace and building teams that are able to effectively, efficiently and cost effectively be able to deliver work for my clients and be able to make sure that my business runs so that I can go off and actually do the high level things that, you know, an entrepreneur needs to do. And Ravi thanks through a shift in my my philosophy on the work on business, from going to a place of thinking about, oh, I’ve got to work 18 hours a day to now, OK, if I need to work 18 hours a day, I can do it. But more importantly, I’ve built up the systems in my business so that I don’t need to work at all if I don’t need to. And things will still move forward.

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