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Holy shit. This follow-up and support is next level.

I really appreciate the proactive observation of things to change on the landing page.

And busting out some copy to work with. And clarifying what’s next. And the clarity of what we discussed. Damn.

Following up separately on the specifics but just wanted to call out the experience.

Clarity and confidence in the next steps just got dialed up.

Many thanks.


Just signed a new client for $3k/ month + 15% of ad spend!

Came from the referral campaign that you told me to implement.


Collected for Nov: $36,344.60


Couple of wins to share, Ravi Abuvala and Joe Mann – 3rd record month in a row (margins creeping back to KPI) – finished around 22-25% pre-tax profit last month even after bumping spend by 30% AND making key investments into the biz/team.

Also, I ran payroll for the first time and didn’t DIE! so WHOOP WHOOP!



Ring that mother f*!¥ing bellllll

First closed sale from paid ads officially processed in the bank account!


Hey Franbeau Rhaz Beduya

Great catching up yesterday 🙂

So far we’re at £271,000!


95% certain I closed them. $15k deal for 3 months.




We had good results with the LinkedIn lead strategy Joe Mann and I set up.

Had 3 qualified calls so far and looking forward to many more.

We will continue to improve the sequence but we have a winner!

As always, much love to “THE MANN” Joe Mann the SWS team!


Hey Joe Mann, just made a sale which makes November our best month ever!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help!

So far we’re at $49k revenue generated and $41k cash collected.

Callum Bailey

Just closed a 1.5kpm.

The easiest yes I’ve ever had in my life!

Kaitlyn Webb

Show rate for Nov: 61.76%

About 20% better than Oct

Close rate: 30.95%


Ring the bell! Myself and Jessica Hernandez just signed up our first $120,000 consulting client paying us $10k month.

But what I’m most excited about:

We just sold our first client into our brand new sales offering.

He only put down $100 deposit – for a $5k offer

But i’m OVER THE MOON with this more than the $120k deal.

We’re FINALLY in business running a group coaching program in a new market with established business owners.

For over 14 years i’ve been coaching start ups. And as of signing up here with SWS that has ended.

Here’s to ringing the bell dozens of times per month.

Alex “rooting for ya’ll” Jeffreys

PS – Thanks to Robert Lyon for all the help these past two weeks.


12 leads all up so far, 1 meeting booked


RING DA BELLLLLL! Just closed another coaching client AND raised the price another 1k to $6800.

He was the very ideal client.


Also at about 33k in rev this month. that 50k goal is coming QUICK!


Hey, we sent them out and got at least 10 booked calls!


Hey all! As we come to a close for the month and my second month with SWS, I want to share some wins and goals as we enter the second half.

We doubled our revenue from last month to this month, and we’re going to do close to 20k.

We also got our first sale from cold traffic and are beginning to crack into that, which carries so much value for me as I know long term with this business I want to be online and generating clients/leads with paid traffic rather than relying alone on referrals.

Going into the back half of my time with SWS, my main goal is to find our winning ad formula regardless of how much revenue it generates, begin to scale it, and have our sales process built out.

I do not entirely know how that is going to look, but I feel confident in that we have narrowed things down to 2 or 3 iterations, and I think our winner is in there somewhere.

Whether it is DM campaigns, or Lead Form Campaigns to then use SMS and Call for nurturing as opposed to DM nurturing to the booked call.

With all that being said, what I have gained in knowledge and skills has been amazing, and that definitely speaks volumes to the value of having the done with you service.

Came into this as an attorney with zero clue of what a FB ad was, now I can film an ad creative and launch it in 15 minutes lol


Doing good! 1 more sale since we talked, 4 calls this week so far, and 5 pre-qualify calls booked.

Plus, 10 k in the bank today!


Just received my 2-Comma Club Award!

Took longer than I wanted at just over 15 months but figured I’d share the journey:

  • Joined SWS 3.0 in March 2021
  • Launched the VSL funnel in April 2021
  • Hit my first $100K+ month with a single offer a few months after with no cold ads
  • Ran into scaling issues as it was still just myself and a VA
  • Joined the Scaling Initiative in December 2021
  • Hit a milly cash collected a few months after with the funnel (got a little delayed submitting for the award as I wrote and launched a WSJ best-selling book during the same time
  • Thanks for everything, Ravi Abuvala as I could not have done it without you!



    Started on SWS 10 days ago, and last night I collected a $3k setup fee and $2k monthly retainer after Robert Lyon helped me with my offer.

    I delegated fulfillment out to my team, which means that I’m pretty much removed from that part, so I can focus on growing Customerutopia.

    I am roughly at $12k MRR and aiming to reach 18-20k before 2023.

    1st of January I’ll ring the bell again when I’ve reached that!


    “Ring the bell!”  Hi all, hope you are starting the week with inspiration.. Wanted to share a win!

    Got my first appointment BOOKED!

    Thanks, Connor Bell and Robert Lyon for opening up my mind on growth.

    Have a great day y’all! 🚀