Client Success Story: AMELIE

A business coach from canada that was just a little all over the place


Meet Amelie Riendeau, when she first came to us about two months ago (a referral from one of our current students doing $80k/month) she was incredibly talented and very passionate about helping others, but she was a little all over the place.


She is a business coach based out of Canada and she had multiple different offers in multiple different industries and was also trying to decide if she should stick just to the French market or expand to the United States.

“I feel like there are more people in the United States.”

“I need to offer them X or Y because that’s what they’ve been expecting.”

I could tell she had a lot of potential, but the biggest issue was her focus.

Once we could narrow down her offer and who she was serving, we could then productize the back-end and allow her (and her new V.A.) to focus on generating leads/sales for her business.

As you can imagine (since I’m telling you about it) that’s exactly what we did.

Over multiple coaching calls and posts in the group we were able to identify who she loved working with, what they needed from her, and what was the best way to get her message to them.

The best part?

I told her not to create one course, module, or product until we started selling spots.

What I love about Amelie is that’s exactly what she did (even though it scared her).

The results?

See for yourself below.

4, 4-figure clients signed in less than a month.

For a program she hasn’t even created yet.

She’s proved the market wants her without having to do any up-front work.

That’s exactly what we teach inside Scaling With Systems.

Too many entrepreneurs focus on the “back-end”.

It’s safe and secure and you do it under the guise of “making the best customer experience.”

Well if you have no customers, there isn’t a customer experience.

Now Amelie can focus on delivering results for her clients while she uses our systems, processes, scripts, proven outreach channels, and virtual assistants to continue to bring her new leads.

So , what would making money before you’ve done any work mean for you?

Your mental health?

Your net income?

I get it.

Maybe if Scaling With Systems had one of these success stories it would have been lucky…

Two of them and it was just good timing…

But, the fact that we have people making money every single day.

In ways they didn’t know were possible.

While being removed from the process.

Proves we are on to something.

So if this is something you want for yourself.

And you’re curious what the exact steps Amelie used to take her company to the point where it’s generating cash on auto-pilot click here to book a time with myself or one of my team members!

We will learn where you are at, how soon we can get you to where you want to be, what kind of outreach channels we recommend, and what your next steps should be based on our experience!

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