PowerISA – $480k to $1.1M ARR in 6 Months

SpeedToLead is an Inside-Sales-Agent service which calls and qualifys online leads for real estate professionals. CEO Gustavo Castro’s biggest problem was not the back end fufillment (they have some of the most successful conversion percentages in the industry), but he couldn’t figure out predictable lead generation and nurturing. This left SpeedToLead stuck at $30,000/month with no way of getting out. – 0 to $3.6M ARR in 10 Months

ZeroPercent is a financial services startup that offers bespoke 0% financing, credit repair and credit mentoring. They had a great product but lacked a scalable method for attracting and onboarding new clients, leading to a low retention rate along with unpredictable revenue & cashflow.

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