From $0 To $3,600,000 In Annual Recurring Revenue In Just 10 Months

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In Annual Recurring Revenue


Month-Over-Month Growth

How We Helped Jeff Go From Being Overworked And Unable To Grow His Company To A Consistent 30% Month-Over-Month Growth And $3,600,000 In Annual Recurring Revenue In Just 10 Months.

“If you are tired of working a lot and not earning as much as you want, or you’re tired of paying too much for employees, sign up with Scaling With Systems” Jeff Sekinger

About ZeroPercent

ZeroPercent is a financial consulting company that helps early-stage entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses and investments with low-interest capital.

Industry: B2B Financial Business Consultation

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Jeff Sekinger’s company, ZeroPercent, is a financial services startup that offers bespoke 0% financing, credit repair, and credit mentoring to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

He came to us overworked and underearning. He was working 70 hours a week in his business, but it wasn’t growing.

Although his offer and service were great, the company didn’t have the right systems in place to keep clients coming back or to bring new clients in. Cashflow was also inconsistent, and the company’s revenue was unpredictable.

Working With Scaling With Systems

Jeff approached Scaling With Systems with the need to attract, onboard, and manage clients while keeping costs down. 

We started by simplifying the company’s messaging and setting up both paid and organic outreach strategies. We helped him hire and train efficient virtual assistants to help set appointments for calls. His average number of weekly sales calls went from 10 to 120.

After Working With Scaling With Systems

In just 10 months of working with us, ZeroPercent is earning $3,600,000 of annual recurring revenue with 30% month-over-month growth.