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How We Helped Brodie Go from $40,000/Month With 5 Team Members To $200,000/Month With 20 Employees In Just 6 Months.

About Wake Up Wealthy

Wake Up Wealthy provides scalable full-stack systems for entrepreneurs in the coaching industry to reach 7 figures in their business.

Industry: Coaching
Website: https://www.wakeupwealthy.com/

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

After Brodie Kern went through a personal life transformation, he was inspired to create his coaching business Wake Up Wealthy. His mission is to share these insights of self-mastery with others.

In his business, however, there was a lack of predictability. Brodie didn’t have insight into how his company was growing, and when looking deeper, he realized it wasn’t scalable. 

He knew that the only thing keeping his business afloat was his ability to create content and sell. But that wasn’t enough to bring in consistent clients and skyrocket Brodie’s revenue.

Working With Scaling With Systems

Although Brodie had a strong core offer, we discovered quite fast that his front-end systems were struggling. There was no predictability in his flow of new clients. Although he was making good money, it was fluctuating between $30,000 and $60,000 a month, inconsistently. 

One area that we worked on with him was his messaging. Brodie wasn’t speaking to his audience’s pain points in his organic content, ad copy, and landing pages. We revamped his marketing materials and rebuilt his sales funnel.

After giving him accountability targets to reach with his organic marketing, Brodie brought on a virtual assistant to help him with these internal tasks. He also got help with his video strategy and content creation to keep pumping out consistent, high-quality content to use in his sales funnels. When implementing testimonial ads, Brodie saw a huge rise in prospective clients instantly. 

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Brodie built out a bigger team to support his clients, collect feedback, and help with outreach to new clients. Just 6 months after making these changes, Brodie went from an inconsistent income to making up to $200,000 with predictable leads coming in. 

Brodie is no longer wasting time on tasks that weren’t bringing results and can focus on what he does best in the business.


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