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From No Business To Closing $15,000+ Deals

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How We Helped Robby Go From No Offer And No Direction To Making $15,000+ Per Deal Consistently.

This has helped my company grow beyond what I could have imagined a year ago. I’m excited for the next six months with Scaling With Systems. Now I get to do the fun stuff, which is actually building the business instead of being a glorified sales rep. – Robby Cannon


Sales at Scale


What does your company do?

Sales at Scale helps online entrepreneurs with client acquisition without relying on paid advertisements, expensive lead providers, or external agencies.

Where were you before Scaling With Systems? 

Previously, I was an enterprise account executive, a typical corporate sales job. I ended up eventually just getting burnt out with super long sales cycles. 

I hopped into entrepreneurship, I was the typical online business owner, spinning up a million offers in multiple directions, with shiny object syndrome (all over the place). 

How did you find Scaling With Systems, and what made you decide to work with us?

I watched a lot of Ravi’s free content when I was working corporate. Then, when I was first starting my business, [his content] was super valuable on my end. I was selling sales coaching at the time. 

I initially joined Scaling With Systems because I didn’t want to waste two years of my life and a lot of money trying to do it from guesswork, spinning up multiple different marketing channels, and trying different messaging. I’d rather just go to somebody that’s built over 1,000 companies. 

You guys have such a big track record, it’s kind of a no-brainer to work with you. 

What did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business?

I think the main thing I realized was that a lot of people say that whoever spends the most money wins in terms of ads… [In my past experience] a lot of those ad hours were wasted talking to super unqualified people. 

I think my client’s results now are a lot better than they were back then. 

We worked on it with our client roadmaps. We know every single step they need to take to basically guarantee success. My job is a lot less stressful now as I’m helping clients succeed in business. 

A lot of what you guys did was see what was already working and show me that there’s no need to blow up a million different marketing channels. 

When I came in, we probably pivoted five to six times – the subtle details of the offer. We pivoted so much because you’ve seen people do this over and over again, [and could tell me from experience] “don’t go in that direction.”

I would rather have my company take ten sales calls a week, but they’re all really high-quality people instead of just taking anybody.

What were some big wins that occurred inside your business once we identified these problems?

I feel like when we first started it was mostly about figuring out the offer and targeting. And then we keep on iterating on it. It’s not just closers and setters; we also pivoted to sales machines and sales systems.

We ended up going more toward the acquisition side and actually building out a lot for the clients. 

Obviously, we’re a consulting company, and we shouldn’t be doing that much for clients, but you guys kind of flipped that belief on its head. 

And that’s helped my company grow beyond what I could have imagined a year ago.

What have been the most valuable aspects of working with us?

You guys were super transparent. It’s what I need as an entrepreneur; to be around like-minded people. And a lot of it is the mental side. 

Especially when you’re either starting your first business from the ground up and you don’t really have any people in your network. 

Just meeting other people at Scaling With Systems realize that a lot of people are going through the same exact thing as you in a different industry or niche. Taking the cumulative experience of the 300 people in the community is a lot more helpful for accelerating everything overall.

Working with the whole client success team, I think that’s where Scaling With Systems shines.

I message you guys. “Hey, what do I do here?” Boom, here’s my answer. I feel like every time I come back to you, it’s like a new revenue goal or close rate is hit.

From what you’ve learned with us, what’s your advice for fellow entrepreneurs just starting out?

There are going to be dips in business. Not everybody’s building a seven-figure business in two months. Just put the pedal to the metal, keep implementing, change your offer around, and get actual market feedback. 

Don’t sell something because you think it’s awesome or cool or sexy. Let the market kind of tell you what it thinks of your offer.