From $30,000/Month To $100,000/Month In Just 6 Months

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ARR In Just 6 Months

How We Helped PowerISA Go From Making Inconsistent Revenue To Increasing Its Monthly Revenue By Over 3X In Just 7 Months.

“I’m more successful, working less hours, and much happier with the lead generation activities I’m doing than before. It didn’t use to be this way. It used to be much harder for me to run a much smaller business. But now, I scale with systems.” – Gustavo Castro

About PowerISA

PowerISA helps real estate professionals generate more booked appointments and land more clients by developing client acquisition systems and advertising campaigns.

Industry: Real Estate B2B
Offer: Speed to Lead service of managing active campaigns for client outreach for real estate professionals.
Website: https://powerisa.com/

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Gustavo Castro’s company helps real estate professionals get more clients by building online client acquisition systems. While his offer was great, and he had a high conversion percentage for his clients, he had no clue how to get more leads for his own business. 

He was overworking and getting inconsistent results. Gustavo’s biggest problem was not having a predictable way to bring in more clients for his business. His company was stuck earning $15,000 to $30,000/month with no way of growing. 

He joined Scaling With Systems based on a recommendation from an entrepreneur he admires. 

Working With Scaling With Systems

We analyzed Gustavo’s sales process and looked at how his sales funnels were working. It was clear that the issue was not having the right way to connect with prospective customers. 

We created a team of virtual assistants for PowerISA to send 2,000-3,000 pieces of daily outreach messages to sales professionals. We also created a sales funnel to run paid advertising for his business. This freed up Gustavo’s time, and he filled out his calendar with appointments to make sales.

After Working With Scaling With Systems

PowerISA blew past the $70,000/month mark within a few months and is now breaking past $100,000/month consistently. He has over 350 active clients and a solid team of 85 full-time employees. 

Gustavo has more time than ever before to spend with his family, all while making more money.