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How We Helped Zakk Build A Cash Machine That Generates $9.60 For Every $1 He Spends

“I was spending $6,000 to $10,000/month on an agency and getting little to nothing in return. This strategy we implemented with Scaling With Systems is working insanely well.” – Zakk Colburn

About Personal Trainers Business Incubator

Zakk helps fitness coaches transition and scale their business online.

Industry: Fitness Business Coaching

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Zakk was making around $30,000/month in his fitness coaching business, mostly from cold Instagram messages. Although his business was doing well, he was stuck.

Zakk wanted to experience the infamous “golden loop” in advertising, where you get $5+ back from every $1 spent.

What happened? When trying to scale his business with paid advertising, he wasted a lot of money. He would spend more than $10,000 some months with his agency, barely breaking even at the end of the month. 

Working With Scaling With Systems

Just 7 minutes into his onboarding call, we knew that Zakk needed an advertising campaign directly leading to his Instagram. We set out to create this, as well as advising him to drop the advertising agency (he did). 

We had his ads filmed a day after joining our initiative, put his campaigns live on Facebook, and waited for the magic to happen. 

He got 6 booked appointments in his calendar in the first week. This was already better than what the agency did for him for the entire 6 months previous to working with us.

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Two weeks in, he was booking more than 6 appointments per day. He didn’t just achieve the golden loop, he surpassed his goals, putting in $2,700 and getting out $26,000 (that’s $1 in and $9.60 out). 

This success was something his previous advertising agency couldn’t achieve with $100,000+ in 6 months.

We’re now working with Zakk to create a sales funnel to get an even higher return on advertising spending.

In 2022, Zakk closed out the year with just under $1,300,000 in revenue.



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