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From 0 To $15,000 In 1 Month Then 0-80k In 3 Weeks On A Brand New Offer

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“We went from $0 to $15,000 in recurring revenue in our first month, and even during an economic depression, our company has continued to grow by multiples each and every month.” – Max Muller


Before Scaling With Systems, Maxwell Muller was a full-time photographer, working early in the morning into late at night. He thought he was good at getting clients but little did he know, he was using boring and outdated outreach methods — the typical cold call and email follow-up all manually done. This approach provided some results but not to the level Maxwell knew he was capable of achieving.


The very first thing we instilled in Maxwell was the importance of automating. He immediately automated as much as possible and delegated the rest. Outreach methods like email, DMs, and voicemail drops were all automated, and Max delegated everything else to his virtual assistant such as project management, appointment-setting, and all the things he was doing himself but shouldn’t have been.


As a result of Maxwell’s tenacious effort, he was able to scale his first business to 15k recurring in less than 30 days and to 30k per month in less than 6 months.

After scaling his first business to 30k per month, Maxwell was looking to start something that he could leverage to more out of his investment of time and effort. Maxwell followed the exact steps laid out in the course, created an offer, tested it, and sold over 16k in less than 48 hours all before even creating a product. Maxwell continued on to grow his second business to 80k in 21 days of releasing the offer.

Maxwell is a perfect example of how ‘small hinges swing big doors’ by making small changes to his outreach, his operations, his business model, and his offering, he was able to transform his business from a time-suck to a legitimate machine that is trending very quickly towards a 7-figure run-rate only weeks after launching.