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Went From Less Than $500/Month To Now Doing $11k/Month

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Hunter Uptmor had 1 client in the gym industry a year ago. He was making less than $6k per year total. Hunter had absolutely no clue what he was doing, and no idea where to take his business. That is when Hunter decided to take the leap and join Scaling with Systems, and give his business another chance.


When Hunter joined the program, he was immediately drawn to the community. He loved the motivation that the group we created had. With that, he was inspired to move his business in a whole different direction and change industries. Hunter was starting from scratch. He didn’t know how to send messages, track numbers, build a team, grow, or eliminate yourself from the business. We helped him step-by-step through all of that and got him set up with a virtual assistant.


In this new industry, with his virtual assistant on his team and having just learned so much, Hunter was set up for success. Before Scaling with Systems, Hunter was doing less than $500 per month. Now, less than a year later he is doing $11k per month recurring! He even has a $40k+ deal on the table! Hunter is well on his way to do 6-figures this year!