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Reached Within 12 Months

How We Helped Kevin Go From Working 60 Hours A Week While Losing Money, To Making $225,000 In Total And $40,000/Month Within One Year (All While Working Less)

“Now, before turning 30, I have the marketing, sales, and business skills to take pretty much anything past 7 figures. My grandchildren will never go hungry… SWS was life-changing.” – Kevin Chemidlin (founder)

About Grow The Show

Grow The Show offers a coaching program geared towards podcast owners who want to grow their audience and monetize their podcasts.

Industry: Podcasting
Offer: Coaching program to help independent podcasters grow their audience and make more money from their podcast.
Offer price: $6,800

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Kevin came to us without knowledge of sales and marketing. He was getting one client every 3 months and was going into debt. He tried word-of-mouth marketing, outside business investments, and hiring a full-time assistant. The results were terrible.

Kevin realized he was in the wrong business. By providing the narrow service of podcast editing to large companies, he saw no profitability. He was losing money, even though he worked 60 hours a week.

Working With Scaling With Systems

With our guidance, Kevin created a new offer. He developed “Grow The Show” to help independent podcasters grow their audience and make more money from their podcast. 

He invented a brand new business from scratch 2 weeks into working with Scaling With Systems. He took our advice and hired a virtual assistant to handle marketing and call scheduling. His calendar started to fill with appointments instantly.

With all of this free time, Kevin got to focus on selling and coaching.

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Only a few weeks into working with us, Kevin was having 8-10 conversations with prospective clients. In the first two weeks, he closed two coaching clients at $13,000 each. 

Kevin went from never selling anything before to a 50% close rate for his high-ticket coaching program. This all happened in just three weeks. 

After a year of working with us, Kevin has had 80 clients and made $225,000. His business continues to grow, as he is now hitting $40,000/month.