Case Study: Personal Trainers Business Incubator

From $30k p/m to over $100k per month in 4 months!


When Zakk first joined the Scaling Initiative he was already making around $50,000 every month from cold Instagram messages.

Zakk helps fitness coaches transition and scale their business online and he was actually really great at it (which is how he built a $500,000 business on organic traffic and referrals alone).
But – Zakk wanted more, he wanted the infamous “golden loop” where you put $1 in and get $5+ dollars out from paid advertising.
He wanted it so badly he was willing to spend $100,000+ on advertising agencies that barely just broke even.
After seeing many messages just like these, Zakk decided to “take a chance” and work with us.

The Results

In less than 2 weeks of working with us Zakk was able to achieve the “Golden Loop” of $1 in and $9.60 out from his advertising campaigns (making $26,000), something his previous advertising agency couldn’t achieve with $100,000+ and 6 months of time.

We are now finding and training a sales representative so Zakk can scale even faster to multiple seven figures.


The Process

Within 7 minutes of our onboarding call I knew exactly what we needed to do and we set out to create an advertising campaign that directed people directly to his Instagram.
I also told him to fire his advertising agency (he did).
He wanted to build a sales funnel, but I told him my goal is to make him the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort and the sales funnel is the easiest thing we could do right now.
A day later we had his ads filmed, his campaigns live on Facebook, and then we waited.
In the first week he got 6 booked appointments on his calendar (beating what his advertising agency did the entire previous 30 days.
Within two weeks he was booking 6 appointments a day.
He also achieved the golden loop, putting $2,700 in and getting $26,000 out (every $1 in is $9.60 out).
He did all of that in less than the time it took him to even launch his campaigns (that didn’t work) with his previous advertising agency.
Now we’re focused on making new advertising creatives and building out a sales funnel we can divert the traffic to in order to get even higher return on advertising spend (and make the process even simpler).

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