Case Study: WolfPAQ Trades

From $0 to $50k in 10 days


Patty Saez came to one of our mastermind events in Miami a few months ago and realized the massive holes in her business WolfPAQ Trades. WolfPAQ was a coaching group for people who are aiming to level up their trading skills and accounts. At our event, we helped her realize that she was charging too little, doing too much, and had no real predictable way of getting new (high-paying) clients. Instead of trying to solve all of this by herself, she decided to work with me and my team in re-building and re-launching her company.

The Results

As you can see from the image here, Patty did about $50k in the first 10 days of her relaunch. The best part is that she hadn’t actually built the course material yet. That’s right, I didn’t have her come in and change her program and spend months talking about content. Within weeks of working with us we validated her offer, she made $50k cash (at 100% profit margins), and now we will build out the full, client acquisition machine and focus on fulfillment.


The Process

After the first few calls with Patty after joining the team, it was obvious what we needed to do. That was to make her transformation to her market clearer, bolder, and go after a specific segment of the overall industry. We then created a marketing message (using our templates) to send to her audience and cold prospects, which resulted in a flood of inbound appointments. After sending her my sales call recordings of the first few calls I did on a new offer (and doing some mindset training) she was off to the races.

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