Case Study: Wake Up Wealthy

Scaled to 7 figures in 3 months!


Overweight and with a past of alcohol and substance abuse, Brodie Kern turned his life around in just 24 months. Now a world renowned serial entrepreneur and real-estate investor, he realised that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn’t for learning how to master himself. This is where his new company ‘Wake Up Wealthy’ began, a brotherhood for entrepreneurs on the journey to self-mastery.

The Process

When our SWS team met Brodie 6 months ago, he had a strong core offer, but his front end systems really struggled. His coaching program had no predictability in lead flow and was doing between $30k to $60k a month inconsistently.

We recognized that he couldn’t dig into his audience’s pain points deep enough via his organic content, ad copy, and landing pages. Brodie then attended our coaching program and one of our coaches Ravi helped him realize that people are way more responsive to client success stories they can relate to versus pain points that they may not actually have.

On the following coaching call we revamped his messaging and totally re-built his funnel. We then gave him accountability targets to hit via organic outreach that he was able to do with the help of his virtual assistant.

Finally we introduced him to one of our content partners who was able to inject steroids into his video strategy and content creation.

The Results

Brodie focused his energy in the area of testimonial ads which brought a whole new source of prospects to Brodie’s sales team. 

Not long after, Brodie onboarded one of our fully trained virtual assistants who helped with client check ins and their journey onboard ‘Wake Up Wealthy’ – providing support and collecting feedback. Clients felt like they were held accountable and Brodie’s team was able to  focus on delivering consistency in their coaching program. 

6 months later, Brodie and ‘Wake Up Wealthy’ are seeing their third six figure month at $200,000 with community engagement and lead generation like no other.

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