Case Study: United Healthcare

Average to Top Performer in 6 Weeks



United Healthcare provides medicare and healthcare insurance to the American people. Before Scaling with Systems Franco was relying on old, antiquated, marketing and sales development methods. 

“Before I was relying on snail mail marketing and networking with insurance companies to get resources (leads). I hadn’t tried anything before, but I was certainly searching for an answer. There had to be a better way” – as such, he wasn’t getting the results he was looking for.

The Results

“Before Scaling, it was the middle of the Corona scare, and business was Slow! It didn’t help that I also caught the virus. In the attached pictures you can see the slow production by month in the first half of the year. 

Once I signed on in August with Scaling With Systems, look how my numbers exploded. I even got an award in September for Top Sales Performance! And this was done with implementing maybe 5% of what the Scaling With Systems course recommends. I have so much more to implement and really scale my production!”

Franco was able to achieve the ‘Top Sales Performance’ in the month of September 2020 in a Fortune 10 company by imperfectly implementing the strategies that we teach within Scaling With Systems. As a result, he will have ‘more money in the bank than he’s ever seen.

 The Process

Immediately after joining, Franco started implementing everything he was learning and saw results nearly immediately. For him, the coaching and the training allowed him to see past his old habits and adopt a new, more efficient, output strategy. 

“Everything relied on me physically doing the work. And because of that, there was some work that I avoided completely! After only a few modules into the software recommendations, I saw the true power to multiply your output through using all the software combined.”

By implementing the systems to ensure that none of the sales processes are neglected, Franco was able to finally begin building momentum. 

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