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Case Study: Totally Brand it

Went from $0 to over $20,000 in revenue in just 18 days


Before Fahad Siraj joined Scaling with Systems, he was at a loss for what to do. A loss for what to do in life and with his business. Fahad had a business, but it was dying. He was unable to scale it and he didn’t have a vision or a purpose for it. Because of that, the business was dying more and more each day. Fahad had tried courses or trainings before that promised success, but nothing came from them.

The Results

Fahad Siraj saw results fast! When I say fast, I mean really fast! Once Fahad realized his areas of improvement, he was quick to fix them. After that, Fahad found himself packed with calls, and appoinments! These appointments were different than the kind he had before, these were with clients who were actually really interested in what he had to offer, not just people who Fahad happen to convince to get on a call with him. Fahad went from no offer, to one that was irresistible! When Fahad joined our program he was literally at $0 in revenue. After only 18 days of immersing himself in this program, his revenue was over $20,000! If Fahad keeps going on at the rate he is now, he will reach 6 figures in no time!


The Process

When Fahad finally joined Scaling with Systems, it was kind of the last hope for his company. With having tried other courses before, Fahad was a bit hesitant but he decided to put everything into this, with hopes that it would help bring insight to what his business needed. Well lucky for Fahad, it did just that! Fahad realized almost right away that he was advertising to the wrong people, he understood that he needed to fix his niche, his mechanism and even change the price. Fahad had no real plan in his head before, but just talking it over with our coaches, gave him so much insight and finally gave his company a vision.

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