Case Study: Limitless CBD

Increased his business $40,000+ per month more in profit in only 1 year


Tony Russo started his CBD company, Limitless CBD from the ground up. His business was doing pretty well, but he was noticing that he needed to find out a way to generate more customers and clients. He was generating his own leads and having his sales reps reach out to them via email manually each day. This wasn’t just exhausting, it was not effective!

The Results

Once Tony had his virtual assistants onboarded, he immediately noticed the number of prospects being generated, which in return led to an increase in sales. Tony also recognized that these customers were in fact, long-term customers! After incorporating Scaling with Systems into his business, Tony saw a steady increase in revenue. Some months were even over $150,000! This showed an all-around increase of over $40,000 + per month. The virtual assistants were also able to free up time for his account managers, to ensure they spend their time focusing on sales and customer relations.


The Process

Tony decided to join scaling with systems after working with different click funnel programs, adding affiliate programs; just doing everything he could think of to grow his business but nothing was working! When Tony joined, the first thing he recognized was that he needed more automations incorporated into his business to make processes more seamless. On top of that, Tony noticed that the amount of work his account managers were doing should have been delegated to expand their talk times and allow for them to spend more time building relationships with clients. We immediatly got Tony started with two virtual assistants to help with the lead gernation and taking some of the load off his team. These worked so well, which then lead to him hiring two more!

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