Case Study: The Premed Consultants

Went from $50k/ month to $150k/ month


Adam Nessim, was a premed student in New York when he decided to start his business, The Premed Consultants. When Adam first joined Scaling with Systems his company was doing around $50k per month. Adam admits he was a bit hesitant to join a business program at first, but he is so happy he did!

The Results

Adam’s biggest success story was with his virtual assistant! Not only have they been helping with cold outreach, but Adam uses them to delegate tasks to, which has been crucial to removing himself from the business. That, as well as being very strategic about how he automates systems within his company has been his reason for success. Adam went from $50k per month to now $150k per month! He 3X his revenue! More importantly, Adam has better systems in place which allows him to focus on more high-level tasks and has freed up a lot of his time to allow him to pursue other ventures. 


The Process

After Adam joined Scaling with Systems he realized that he needed to remove himself from the business as well as centralize his operations. Keeping Adam’s goals in mind, we got him set up with a slack channel as well as matched him with a virtual assistant.

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