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Case Study: The Lucky Titan

First ever 6 Figure Deal in Less than 60 Days in the program


The Lucky Titan helps podcasters grow like wildfire. Prior to joining Scaling With Systems, Josh had a 6 figure business selling multiple products trying to figure out where he fit in the market.

Josh had tried LinkedIn automation, Facebook ads, content marketing, and pretty much every other marketing tactic under the sun with very little success…this went on for 3 years…

The Results

After effectively delegating the busy work, Josh was able to focus on high-leverage activities and sales. 

Within two months his pipeline went from $60k to $685k and closing his first ever 6 figure deal! Before the program they had never closed anything over  50k.

 The Process

After hopping on his first coaching call and studying the course religiously, Josh realized that his offer was far too diverse. He needed to raise his price, and stop doing 90% of the work himself. 

“Bringing on one of our fully trained virtual assistants was the most eye opening experience for Josh. He realized that his virtual vssistant Clarisse could take 90% of the work off his plate, and for a few weeks he felt like he didn’t know what to do with his time.

Having had his virtual assistant Clarisse take most of the work allowed Josh to focus 100% on his “super power”, which was interviewing and partnering with top entrepreneurs.

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