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Case Study: Steve O'Connor

"I finally have the confidence to leave my 9-5 job!"


Steve O’Connor has been trying to create an online business for the last decade. He made progress with each project but he was never able to get much traction or build enough of an audience to make them profitable. It was a ton of work, for little pay. Steve felt so stuck at his 9-5 job and felt like he could never escape it. In a last-ditch effort, Steve joined Remote Integrator Academy.



After some time prospecting, Steve was able to land a few interviews and ultimately end up with two paying clients! “Before RIA, I didn’t have any confidence that I could earn a living outside of my 9-5 job, but before I even finished the course I knew that I absolutely could!” That’s what Steve said about the moment he finally realized he could leave his 9-5 job. Steve is no longer dreaming about working for himself, he is doing it! 


The Process

When Steve joined RIA, the biggest realization he had was that he had a skill set that was highly marketable and profitable, he just wasn’t using it to his advantage. He had been using these skills to try to build his own business. What he didn’t know was that many business owners would be thrilled to pay people like him to help make their businesses more profitable. 

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