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Case Study: Stefan Leon

went from 3 failed startups, to now finally finding myself and my passion


Stefan was stuck. He was doing his best everyday, but it just wasn’t enough. He didn’t have anything concrete to develop. He was done with the life he was currently living and decided it was time for a change. Stefan completely took hold of his life, and looked for improvement everywhere he could. 



In just a few months of being in RIA, Stefan did exactly what he hoped for. He got his life on track, and he started working as a business consultant with an emphasis on operations. Stefan signed his first client and was able to get his money back from the program in just 4 months of starting. Stefan isn’t stopping here. He has goals to 10X his value in the marketplace as an independent business creative.


The Process

When Stefan joined, he was basically at square one. He was determined to turn his life around, not just professionally but personally as well. He had passions in business, and investing but no idea what to do with that. His goal wasn’t just to become “another coach”, he wanted to be the person implementing solutions, be at service and be innovative. Well, Stefan got exactly what he hoped for. He isn’t just “another coach”, and is now working doing something he loves and is passionate about everyday.

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