Case Study: SSP Marketing

Doubled their monthly revenue in only 6 months


Justin Adams had tried everything to scale his marketing agency, SSP Marketing, but nothing was working! He had tried 3 different online programs but nothing seemed to click. Justin was at a loss for what to do with his agency.

The Results

Once Justin got his virtual assistant onboard, he was officially done wasting his time sending outbound messages, and doing tedious tasks because they were doing it all for him! This allowed him to capture more appointments and get more sales opportunities each week, with no effort from Justin at all! With this, Justin’s team went from 3 members, to now 6! That’s not the only thing that doubled. Justin’s monthly recurring revenue doubled in only 6 months after joining the program!


The Process

When Justin joined Scaling with Systems, the first thing that he recognized was that the number of outbound messages that he was sending was not even close to enough! For that, We set him up with a system that helps him to put out hundreds of messages a week with little to no effort on his part. We also set up Justin with a virtual assistant to help take on some of the day-to-day tasks, so that he could focus more on scaling, closing deals, and growing!

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