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Case Study: Sanjay Yadav

I invested in myself and now I make more money than I've ever thought possible


Sanjay Yadav was stuck in a place where he didn’t know what his next steps in life were. Sanjay was working full time as a VA but he didn’t love what he did. He was trading his time for money, but he needed to provide more value to earn more money. But how? Sanjay knew he was destined for more, but he didn’t know exactly what his niche could be. 



After just a few months in RIA, Sanjay was promoted from VA to Operations Manager in his company.

Sanjay used his newfound confidence and skills to build out all the systems his company needed to scale their business. 

Sanjay found that value he was looking for that set him apart from everybody else, and let him move on to bigger and better things.


The Process

Sanjay joined and immediately felt drawn to the community aspect of it. Being surrounded by successful, likeminded people is what gave Sanjay the confidence to start this new career path change.

Within just a few months being in the program, Sanjay went from an assistant position in his company to being promoted to a managerial position.

Sanjay is now making more money than he could’ve ever dreamt of making. And he’s not stopping there.

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