Case Study: Buscemi IT Solutions

Tripled their clientele in only 3 months


Angelo Buscemi and his digital IT marketing management agency were very unorganized. “ I didn’t even have a pitch or a proposal at the time!”, Buscemi said. Angelo had no systems in place at his agency and just didn’t know what his next move should be. He had tried other courses in the past, but only ever saw minimal results. 

The Results

The real game-changer for Angelo was getting his virtual assistant on board. With a virtual assistant on his team and a few systems in place, he was able to delegate out almost everything so that he was only handling the sales calls. He didn’t have to worry about client outreach anymore, and could just focus on nailing down the right kind of clients for his business. In 3 months, Angelo tripled his clientele. In just a little over a year, his clientele went up by 4X!


The Process

If there was one thing Angelo wanted to focus on the most, it was to manage his leads in a better, more organized way. He realized that the first thing he needed to do was get SOPs in place and start getting appointments. We understood that for Angelo to grow, he needed a virtual assistant to take over some of his work, as well as some automation to make everything smoother and more structured.

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