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Case Study: Rory Hochstein

From overworked & confused to thriving and secure


Rory Hochstein joined Remote Integrator Academy at a point in his life when he was just exhausted. Rory was working in an “operations role.” I put that in quotation marks because he was the operations admin, the bookkeeper, account technician, audit lead, payroll, and executive assistant all wrapped into one! Rory was also managing multiple businesses on the side. Overworked would be an understatement. To make matters worse, Rory wasn’t even seeing any future compensation for the extra responsibility. Rory knew that something needed to change and that he couldn’t keep living like this!



Rory was a success, and he saw that success quickly! The first wins were huge for Rory, and one of them was getting a return on his time! Rory gives an example of how he used to spend about an hour on his onboarding calls with clients, and now by utilizing a simple JotForm in advance, he’s able to get his client’s onboarding call over and done within 15-20 minutes! Within just two months of joining the program, Rory was placed with his first client. Not only did he get his first client, but his first high-paying client! Rory was finally seeing his work being paid off, while even working less might I add!


The Process

Rory knew that something needed to change, so he didn’t hesitate to invest in his future and join Remote Integrator Academy. Rory was determined to succeed, and when you have that mindset, well it is hard not to! He consistently showed up and participated in every coaching call, built relationships within the group, and did the homework! When talking about his experience in the program, Rory felt as though mindset was a huge learning moment for him. “Ravi helped me dispel a lot of false beliefs, my favorite quote from him has been ‘Action leads to insight more than insight leads to action’.”

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