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Case Study: Rod Christiansen

Closed on his first client in just 60 days!


Rod Christiansen was working on his marketing agency, constantly struggling to try to keep it afloat. Rod had many ups and downs the past few years running his agency. It was a constant battle between getting clients and losing clients. Rod was tired of that space, and that lifestyle. His strengths were in building systems and integrations. Thus, Rod found Remote Integrator Academy.



Rod saw success pretty quickly. It was exactly 60 days after joining when Rod signed his first client. On top of that, Rod also has another client in the pipeline! Rod says that he plans to bring on more clients, and hopefully build an agency from this. Describing the program Rod explains, “The need for an integrator is huge! Companies are drowning in software and manually using all of them!” 


The Process

Rod already had some experience in systems and integrations, so he caught up to speed pretty quickly. He felt most comfortable with the fulfillment part of creating systems from the get-go. He was a bit unsure on how to find clients, but he says that after a few coaching calls it started to click.

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