Case Study: Product Fit

From brand new entrepreneur to now closing a $2.2 Million dollar deal


Rich Sanchez was a ‘solopreneur’, which is an entrepreneur who is doing everything by themselves! He was doing every task possible with his little team of 3 in his company. Rich was constantly wasting so much time on things that weren’t even generating any significant return. He describes himself as having little to no direction and was only seeing small results. Rich explains, “I really lacked a community of like-minded people who understood my pain but could also motivate me by celebrating their wins together”.

The Results

Rich has only been in Scaling with Systems for 2 months, but he has already seen so much success! So far, Rich has already landed 5 new podcasting opportunities which was a huge goal of his! He has also landed a ton of new contracts, as well as doubled his online presence, (which thus has landed him more opportunities)! Right now, Rich is in the process of closing a $2.2 million dollar business acquisition of an online tech company and is growing his team to 10 people!


The Process

Rich joined Scaling with Systems needing to focus on what he was best at, and then work on delegating the other tasks out. Once Rich got his virtual assistant onboard that is exactly what he did! He was noticing more output being completed and results happening faster. In just a few days, Rich’s virtual assistant completed tasks that he had been pushing off for months!

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