Case Study: Peak Leads

From Freelancer making fickle money to now making $10k/ month consistently


Luke Faulconer was a freelancer making inconsistent money before he joined Scaling with Systems. At the time that Luke did join our program, it was a few months after he started his business, Peak Leads. Although he now had his own business, Luke still felt more like a freelancer. Most of his business came from in-person networking, sending out cold emails (the wrong way), and calling local businesses. Luke realized that it wasn’t scalable or predictable and that if he wanted to make this business work, he needed some help.

The Results

Once Luke had digested some of our courses and got his virtual assistant onboard, a lot of things started to change. Luke now had several lead generation systems in place including cold email and Linkedin. He immediately started seeing leads coming in the door! Now Luke is making $10k+ / month consistently! Even more impressive, he is part of an agency that has grown to 6 figures per month! 


The Process

When Luke joined Scaling with Systems, he had about no systems in place and really had no clue what to do with his business. The first thing we helped Luke do was put some system and automation inside his business to help take some of that load off of his back. Next, we got Luke started with a fully trained virtual assistant to help with some of the day-to-day operations.

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