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Case Study: Paul Durelli

"From low paying clients to now having clients that pay $10k / month"


Before Paul Durelli joined RIA he was working in the realm of being a virtual assistant to companies, but he felt unfulfilled. Paul was not working with the clients he wanted to and was not making the kind of money he had hoped for. All of Paul’s clients were paying him a low hourly wage. Paul wanted to stay in the industry he was in, but to do that, he had to sharpen his skills and learn how to win over those high-paying clients he so desired.



Paul Durelli’s first big win came only 7 weeks after he first made that decision to join RIA. What was that big win you may be asking yourself? It was his very first client that was paying him over $10k per month! For all you not-so math wizards out there, that’s almost $125k a year! Keep in mind that was Paul’s very first client he got after joining the program! If Paul keeps going at the rate he is at now, he will no doubt hit a million dollars soon. 


The Process

When Paul first joined RIA, he was very diligent with his desire to learn and was determined to succeed. Paul knew exactly what he wanted. To learn more, become an asset to his clients, and make more money. Paul’s main point of interest when joining, was to improve his digital data skills. With those goals in mind, Paul worked hard. But he didn’t have to work hard for too long. Paul saw his first big win within less than 2 months of first joining the program. 

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