Case Study: Oceanview Digital

From booking 5 appointments per month to now booking over 50 per month


Michael Pasha was doing everything by himself in his business, Ocean View Digital. With that, he struggled to get appointments. Michael had tried joining other programs to learn how to get appointments but none of them really worked when he tried implementing them. Michael was only booking around 5-10 appointments per month, using organic outreach. With Michael being the only one doing all of this, he felt as though it would be impossible to dedicate himself solely to outreach, so it was really hard to push past that 5-10 mark.

The Results

After Michael did some work on his sales process, and once his virtual assistant got familiar with the company, he was seeing upwards of 50+ booked appointments per month! The new sales process combined with a ton of newly booked appointments every month was the perfect combination that Michael needed to help grow his business! 


The Process

When Michael first got started with our program, the first thing that we wanted to do was focus on fixing his issue of needing more appointments. We did this by implementing multiple outreach strategies and leveraging a virtual assistant to make that outreach possible. Once that was fixed and we began to see more appointments come rolling in, we noticed that Michael’s sales process needed some enhancement. With Michael’s new virtual assistant on his team, they were able to get more booked appointments for him, while he was able to spend the rest of his time on his sales process.

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