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Case Study: Salon & Spa Academy

Making $8.80 in Profit back for every $1 invested


When Nora Started working with us she had a kickass done-for-you offer in the medical spa space. Actually one of the best I’ve heard of, her retention was awesome and she had a 7-figure business from referrals alone.

However (like many of my clients), she wanted faster growth and more profit.

So on our onboarding call, we laid out the roadmap to get her to $300k+/month with 50%+ profit margins.

The Results

In less than a month of working with us, Nora has an irresistible offer, 11 new clients, and a profitable client acquisition machine that’s taking $1 and turning it into $8.80 every few days. Nora took her already great business and turned it into something even better than she ever thought possible.


The Process

First thing Nora needed was to transition her to a done-with-you and done-for-you hybrid (this is kind of my specialty).
We took aspects of her original offer that were incredibly valuable (and easy to fulfill) and merged them with her new coaching offer to have maximum effect.
She then launched that to her warm market (hence the $22,000 in a few days). 
The second thing we did (literally still on that original onboarding call) was to start to build out a client acquisition machine.
It made the most sense to just start her with a sales funnel and paid ads (yes they still work).
After working with her on the funnel, copy, targeting, and messaging we took them live.
Within 10 days she had put a few hundred dollars in and gotten almost $10,000 out. 
Now we’re working on hiring new team members to remove her from fulfillment, getting her a salesperson, and transitioning out of the done-for-you offer.

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