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Case Study: Noah Wessel

"I was able to double an existing clients retainer in just 2 months!"


Before Noah Wessel joined Remote Integrator Academy he was your typical guy working your typical 9-5 job. Noah was working as a communications director at a church, as well as trying to run his own marketing agency on the side. Noah liked the freedom of working for himself as an entrepreneur, but he couldn’t fully commit to that while still working at his 9-5 job. To fully commit to what he wanted to do, he had to refine his skill set and obtain higher-paying clients.



Noah started implementing what he was learning right away. And what better way to start that, than working within your own network! In Noah’s marketing agency, he had a client who he knew needed help with automating their company, so he reached out to them and got them to more than double their monthly retainer! Noah is now using his newfound skill set, to help businesses with marketing and sales systems to leverage their business. Noah is a perfect example of taking skills that you already have, adding to them, and coming up with something completely new and fresh to offer to prospective clients. As you can see in the graph below, Noah is doing incredible, and he is not stopping anytime soon!


The Process

When Noah first joined RIA, he was drawn in with the idea of being able to help business owners, doing something he was good at, which was building systems and automation. Right away, Noah found himself in a great support system of peers and coaches alike. Noah’s biggest takeaways from the program were what the components of a successful business are, systems thinking, and the ability to identify and solve bottlenecks in business.

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