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Case Study: Nick Turnbull

Finally learned how to escape the 9-5 life after years of trying


Nick Turnbull, like many people, is just not cut out for the 9-5 life. I mean who can blame him? I sure am not! Nick was working as a sales manager but his real goal is to run his own business. During the pandemic, Nick found himself trying to escape that 9-5 ‘rat race’. Like many have noticed, the pandemic really opened people’s eyes to what matters most, and that’s freedom! During this time, Nick tried Amazon drop shipping, Notary, and a few other things. Nothing seemed to really fit his skillset though.



After a few modules, Nick immediately got his hands dirty reaching out to clients! Some he reached out to cold, and some within his network. Nick’s first client wasn’t paid, it was simply to get references and a case study from. Nick got a great reference from him and then used what he learned in the course to find areas of his business that he will then charge him for. Now Nick turned him into a paying client and he has a case study that will help him get more clients in the future.


The Process

While Nick was researching ways to fulfill his dream of starting his own business, he came across one of Ravi’s youtube videos. It immediately caught his eye and Nick finally felt like he found a course that fit his skill sets! Nick found the whole process to be super straightforward and insightful. Nick said when describing the program, “With access to over 30 hours of content, live coaching sessions and access to test out the software. There is no reason you can’t get your own integrator business up and running in 90 days!” And with the right mindset, he’s not wrong!

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