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Case Study: Nick Roche

"I got a 104% ROI in 28 days."


Let’s talk about how Nick was able to leave his sales job, learn a new skill set at Remote Integrator Academy, and get placed with a remote, six-figure job at the company of his dreams in less than 30 days…

Ironically, when Nick first came to us he was making good money as a sales representative for a high-ticket coach in the online space.

Sure, he was making six figures online, but he was so stressed out doing it.

Nick was taking 10 calls / day, 6 days / week, which equals about a 60-hour workweek.

Even if you’re making six figures, 60 hours / week on the phones would leave anyone exhausted.

The Results

So when one of our other students at Remote Integrator Academy (a previous co-worker of his who also got a great job) told him that he could be making roughly the same amount of money working about 1/3 as much, he was definitely interested.

Two days later he got on a call with us so we could better understand his situation and offer him some advice on his best next steps.

By the end of the call, he said “yes” to joining the Remote Integrator Academy and learning the most in-demand skill set online.

Even on the first coaching call, I could tell that he was hardworking and willing to give this everything he had, I knew it would be no problem getting him a client.

28 days later he said “yes” again, this time on the call with one of our clients, accepting a six-figure position as a remote integrator for a sales systems company.


The Process

What do you get when you combine remote integration, sales skills, and a sales system company?

A match made in heaven.

Nick is now working his own hours, from his computer, helping his client (and our client)’s company take off to the stratosphere.

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