Case Study: New Patient Accelerator

Landed 2 new clients only 3 weeks after joining


Brennan Haelig had just started his company, New Patient Accelerator. At the time, he was doing some cold email outreach and had dabbled a bit with paid traffic but he didn’t have a scaleable process for client acquisition. That was one of the biggest issues Brennan was having while trying to grow his business. Creating a scaleable process for client acquisition is a problem that a lot of people face while attempting to start off.

The Results

Once Brennan’s virtual assistant was on board, they helped with that organic outreach and client acquisition. It was a total relief for Brennan to not have to worry about that part of his business anymore. Brennan immediately saw qualified leads coming in every day and already has signed 2 new clients! Believe it or not, Brennan only joined our program less than 3 weeks ago! If Brennan can see this kind of success in less than a month, I can only imagine what the future looks like for him!


The Process

Brennan joined Scaling with Systems, and took off on the ground running! He started with organic outreach, as that was one of the main things that Brennan noticed needed fixing in his company. Brennan also created clear and concise SOPs for his team, and new virtual assistant to follow.

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