Case Study: New Age Media

From $10,000 to $50,000 In MRR in under 6 months


Justin Saunders, CEO of New Age Media, reached out to us with a problem – he felt lost. His company had been stuck at the $10k monthly revenue mark, gaining as many clients as he was losing – and simply going round in circles.

New Age Media provides marketing and lead generation services to chiropractors, stem cell clinics and wellness coaches.

“I wanted to quit being an entrepreneur, which would have been very hard to do because I had a lot of people in the community looking up to me.”

The Process

Justin joined the coaching calls and quickly realised that he was a slave to his business and that he needed to hire the right people to help free up his time so he could focus on the business instead of in the business. His service offering required a lot of bespoke work and so productising his offer was almost impossible at his stage.

“I realized that if I wanted to scale this business all I had to do was implement the right systems and then hit the gas button. It’s really cool because I know exactly what I need to do to scale now and do it with automations.”

We came in and adjusted his prospecting engine, delegated it to one of our virtual assistants, and immediately saw the uplift in new leads, warm appointments and closed deals.

The Results

New Age Media currently sits at $55,000 in monthly revenue, with a projected $100,000 in monthly revenue by the end of the year.

“I was no longer a slave to my business. More importantly I started getting booked appointments left and right. It allowed me to focus on the bigger picture of the business and allowed me to scale the right way. If it wasn’t for having a VA I would still be working on my business instead of in my business and would probably be stuck at the $10k a month mark. Having a VA really changed my life. Now I have two.”


“I went from being a total slave to my business, working 15 hour days, stuck at $10k/mo to having total freedom while my business generates revenue for me while I travel the world.”


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