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Case Study: Mogul Insider

Over $50k in Revenue in just 4 weeks


Before Adam Totounji joined Scaling with Systems he was working as an independent entrepreneur. Adam was constantly working hard but wasn’t seeing any results. He was struggling to find a niche for himself. Adam, like many entrepreneurs, is creative. He had the idea and all the knowledge behind it – but no idea how to implement it. His systems were messed up, he had absolutely no strategy set up for lead generation, he was unorganized, and had no idea how to evolve and grow his company.

The Results

Adam’s results were just as fast as they were big! Before Scaling with Systems, Adam was making roughly $7k a month. How much is Adam making now you wonder? Over $55k a month! The doesn’t include the $35k monthly recurring retainers he is getting. So yes, Adam went from making $7k a month, to now, well over half a million dollars a year. Oh, did I mention that was in just four weeks after starting our course? Adam is not stopping there and continues to use the skills and tools he learned to automate and scale his business even larger! 


The Process

When Adam joined Scaling with Systems he moved fast. He knew exactly where the bottlenecks were in his business (which a lot of business owners don’t!), and he was willing and ready to fix them. Adam applied our course in just one weekend! And he saw the results just as quickly. 

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