Case Study: Mission Media Partners

"I was working an extra 30-60 hours a week after my 9-5 job before sWS"


Josh Weingart started his marketing agency, Mission Media Partners, all on his own. Mission Media Partners focused specifically on helping non-profits grow their impact online through the leverage of the Google Ad Grant Platform. The companies mission is great, but what wasn’t great was the amount of time and effort it took Josh to run it. Josh was spending about 30-60 hours every week, at night working on the fulfillment and outreach for his agency on top of working his 9-5 job every day! While his drive is impressive, this is just not sustainable to build a successful company.

The Results

Once Josh was able to get his virtual assistant onboarded and familiar with the new SOP’s that he had put in place, he was finally able to get some well-needed rest! Now Josh is able to delegate tasks out to his virtual assistant and spend only about 10 hours a week total working on his business. Josh said that his clients actually noticed a difference and his response time improved immensely! Josh is now finally able to work on growing his business, instead of running it!


The Process

When Josh joined Scaling with Systems, the first thing he wanted to do was recognize exactly what needed fixing inside of his business. Josh immediately realized that he needed to create clear and straightforward SOP’s in order to get tasks off of his plate and delegate them to a virtual assistant. And yes, you guessed it, the next thing we did was help match Josh with a trained and fully equipped virtual assistant to help take a lot of the busy work off of his plate.

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