Case Study: Med Geeks

From burnt out & overworked to now finally getting his time back


Andrew Reid and his business partner created their company Med Geeks, to help physician assistants and nurse practitioners get through school, rotations, pass the boards, and much more. Andrew and his partner were the definitions of overworked! Their company was doing pretty well, but at the cost of their time with family, friends, and free time. They were burnt out and sick of doing all the tasks they had no business doing.

The Results

Andrew’s biggest success was getting his time back so that he can focus on the tasks that he should be doing. Tasks that require his level of expertise. With this, it has allowed Andrew to add 3 new members to his team and with all of the systems in place to make it manageable! When describing the biggest improvement Andrew saw after joining Scaling with Systems, he said, ” I have more time with friends, family, and/or to move the needle in our business”!


The Process

Andrew joined Scaling with Systems and was immediately drawn into the idea of getting a virtual assistant! With their new virtual assistant, they created clear and concise SOPs for them to follow, and sat back and enjoyed the time off.

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