Case Study: Lead Funnels

Finally left my 9-5 to build the life i've always wanted


Ty Lucas was working as a FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) worker. It was a tough job; always traveling and working away from his family and friends. Ty had tried a few business coaching programs in the health industry, however, he felt as though his goals never aligned with theirs. Most of them had old-school tactics tying you to a full-time business, and that’s not what Ty wanted. Ty wanted to create a business that practically ran itself so that he could spend his time freely with his friends and family.

The Results

Once Ty had his virtual assistant in place, he had them doing all of his cold outreach and didn’t have to constantly worry! Ty has two businesses now, one focused on digital marketing and the other focusing on health coaching. With both of those businesses, Ty now makes way more than he ever did at his 9-5 job! Ty’s goal is to make 20k-50k per month, and he is so close to reaching that goal! Ty’s favorite part about his new career path is that he can work from anywhere, and can spend as much time with his family and friends as he wants! 


The Process

Ty joined Scaling with Systems with his start-up business and immediately realized that he had no frameworks or systems in place to allow his business to scaling. Nothing was automated, and everything required a lot of manual actions. He was stuck doing everything for his business, and that needed to change. We set Ty up with a virtual assistant and had him put SOPs in place for them to follow. 

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