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Case Study: Lauren Bethany Photography

From 0 To 2 Six-Figure Businesses


Before Scaling with Systems, Colin had taken multiple courses that taught him how to run Facebook ads and get clients for everyone except himself. The other courses left Colin unsatisfied and looking for more. 

“Before Scaling With Systems, I was running a digital marketing agency. I had learned how to launch ads for companies but not how to scale the agency. I only had a few clients and knew that I needed to make a change if I was going to scale my business”.

The Results

The Lauren Bethany Photography business has grown rapidly. Colin and Lauren are now looking for additional service providers in their area to keep up with the demand. 

The days of not knowing where their next job or income will come from is long gone, now they can’t even film a testimonial without getting new leads flowing in. (Seriously, check it out, it’s crazy!)


The Process

After implementing the strategies found within the course, Colin saw nearly immediate returns. 

“Once we had onboarded our VA, we saw a MASSIVE change in lead flow into my business. We began to consistently book calls with new leads. It was amazing! When you go from not knowing where your next chunk of revenue is going to come from, to consistently generating revenue, it gives you a ton of confidence in your business!”

Being able to consistently generate revenue inspired Colin and his wife to pursue their passion as a business, photography. Colin and his wife were able to take what they learned from Scaling With Systems and were able to quickly get their now business ‘Lauren Bethany Photography’ off the ground! 

“Once I came into the course, I finally learned the art of scaling a business, creating SOP’s and systems that can run without me! It was truly mind-blowing what I learned inside the course. Really grateful for it.”

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