Case Study: LaRose Health Insurance

From $1,000 to $8,500 MRR in 6 months


Kyle LaRose is a passionate Licensed Health Advisor, offering affordable health care plans for entrepreneurs, self employed individuals and small business owners with the best plans on the market. Although Kyle is a graduate of Law School and received his Juris Doctorate of Law, his passion is in health care – helping people find the most cost-effective health insurance coverage that fits their needs. 

The Process

Kyle had been in health insurance for over 6 years, but always relied on the typical lead generation methods in that industry: cold calling and referrals. One of those is not fun or very scalable by yourself, the other is not scalable at all. A few weeks into SWS Kyle learned the power of delegated lead generation, sales funnels, and online advertising.Almost immediately he removed the most tedious (yet necessary) lead generation tasks off his plate, giving it to the fully trained virtual assistant from SWS.All of a sudden he went from 1-2 appointments a week, to 2-3 appointments a day.At this point we focused on what was working, helped him create more back end systems that allowed him to convert more leads, and scaled everything up. 

The Results

Having implemented our systems and processes, Kyle started to see the amount of prospects he was able to contact without actually personally contacting them via the different platforms such as cold email, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. He went from having no systems and processes in place, to then having more booked and qualified appointment. Having delegated the prospecting and lead generation to his fully trained SWS – VA has allowed Kyle to focus on the closing of deals which has gotten him over 150 + clients.

“I had no systems or processes inside my business. Ravi opened my eyes and has given me a fresh perspective as to what success looks like having places systems and processes inside my business. I now have +150 client, have the ability to track all my numbers and feel in control of my business!”


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