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Case Study: Kirtana Devatha

"This course was one of the quickest return on investments I’ve ever had!"


Kirtana Devatha was running an agency full time with her partner before she found Remote Integrator Academy. She liked running the agency, but her real passion was within her role of operations, project management, and growth hacking. Kirtana saw the potential she had with those skills, and that is exactly why she sought out Remote Integrator Academy.



Kirtana’s first big win was getting a full return on her investment after only 6 months of being in the program. After that, she was able to focus on building her personal brand and make money! Kirtana said that she began seeing alot of referrals coming in for her, and she is now making around $6-8k per month!


The Process

Kirtana’s experience within the program was eye opening. Kirtana explained how much she enjoyed the one-on-one time she had with Ravi, and how helpful it was to her. About the program and getting her first client, Kirtana states, “Getting clients really is a mindset shift with prospecting. The content by itself is stellar, and there is a high demand for this skill considering a lot of my current clients came through referrals or through the content I put out.”

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