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Case Study: José Flores

Landed my first client within 30 days of joining


José Flores was working tirelessly trying to get clients for his new music school building offer that he created. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working out as great as he had hoped. Jose came across Remote Integrator Academy, and it looked like everything he had hoped for, but he was a bit reserved at first. José had tried high ticket coaching before, but it did nothing but leave him and his family in more debt than they had before. José was adamant that he would only join if he knew that it would bring him success. So he did.



José found success very quickly in this program. Within the first 30 days of joining RIA, José was able to sign his first client! Not only did José just sign his first client, but he got him to agree to a $3.5k monthly contract! “I went from having an offer people waved off to having an offer that has business owners asking for my schedule” is what José said while talking about his first big win that came from the program.


The Process

When José finally made the decision to join Remote Integrator Academy, the first thing that he noticed about the program was the unique style of teaching. “Straight to the point and full of great information.” José even described it as “addicting” in a way. José also really loved that he had an accountability coach to help him along the way. Someone who really cared about his personal success and progress.

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