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Case Study: Jamie Hall

"I've spent $100k investing in my future, but never saw a return in my investment until now"


Before Jamie Hall joined Remote Integrator Academy he was working as a residential real estate investor and had been for the last decade. Jamie was interested in real estate and he was successful with his career but he wanted to take everything online. The days of driving back and forth to meetings and clients were over for Jamie! He wanted more flexibility and more control over his future. Over the past decade, Jamie dedicated his free time talking to coaches, joining different courses, and going to seminars. Jamie invested over $100k in all of these courses over that decade, but he never saw a return on his investment.



Jamie described his first big win in RIA as finally obtaining the skill set to match the mindset he had developed over the past two decades working as an entrepreneur. When Jamie joined RIA, he thought that he was actually going to have to take a pay cut in order to work completely online as he wanted. Well, that was far from the case! Jamie is going to have his biggest year yet financially! He is also very excited to start his new life working completely remotely. Jamie is thinking of spending a little while working in Bali. Tough life right?


The Process

When Jamie first joined RIA, he went into it very hopeful, but a bit skeptical considering all of his previous failed investments in similar programs. Jamie must have been a bit relieved and excited after his first few weeks here when he realized he was actually learning and implementing the things he had been needing! Jamie told us, “I knew immediately that this program was world-class and would translate into any venture that I wanted to pursue in the future”.

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