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Before Scaling with Systems, Abel was a residential real estate agent spinning his wheels competing for the same bottom of the barrel deals as everyone else with no ability take his growth into his own hands.

The Results

Abel’s incredible work ethic and relentless implementation mixed with the guidance provided in the Initiative program is now on track to net over 7 figures in 2021. 


The Process

Scaling with Systems provided Abel the mindset to think bigger and think differently from his competitors. Abel went from selling $500k residential houses to $7.5M apartment buildings. By changing his strategy he was able to stand out from the competition and take control of his own growth. 

After 3 months in our Scaling With Systems program, Abel joined the Scaling Initiative. Inside the Initiative, Abel wanted to share the knowledge he had acquired and thought up an idea for a coaching program. Within 4 weeks he pre-sold $100k in members, all without creating a single module.

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