Case Study: Interactic Media

I was able to double my monthly revenue in only 2 months!


Máté Schubert joined Scaling with Systems during a troubling time at his company, Interactic Media. Interactic Media was Máté’s own company that he started to help e-commerce brands grow and become profitable! It was a great concept but Máté couldn’t seem to make it a consistent, and reliable source of income. For one, the monthly income was totally unpredictable, making it something that Máté was constantly stressing about. He also was trying to do everything on his own in terms of running the company so he had no time for prospecting new clients! Máté found himself in a position where when he lost a client, he lost income. There was no stability, and therefore no way to grow!

The Results

Máté was tired of working in his business, instead of on it. That’s something that a lot of business owners get stuck doing, but to grow properly your business needs to be able to run itself to an extent. That’s something we helped Máté with. After his virtual assistant came on board, he could stop worrying about not having enough time for prospecting and consistency because he had someone who does that for him for 8 hours a day! “It was a game-changer. Now I can focus more on growing my business. Getting my first VA was the best investment I’ve ever made” is what Máté said when describing his virtual assistant. On top of that, his business doubled its monthly revenue in just 2 months! After 7 months, his agency is growing slowly and steadily. Since Máté put in place strategies that allow him constant growth, he doesn’t have to worry about losing a client tomorrow anymore.


The Process

Máté finally decided to get some help with his business and join Scaling with Systems. Once Máté joined the program, he found it so refreshing to be able to view his business from another perspective. He quickly realized that he needed a better structure, as well as systems that allow him some automation in his business and time to breathe! Máté also recognized that he needed a more consistent strategy for prospecting that gives him more stability. On top of that, we recommended that Máté gets a virtual assistant on board to help with the day-to-day operations.

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