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Case Study: Immaani Fiton

"From working 9-5 to now working for myself and making $15k / month


Before Immaani Fiton joined Remote Integrator Academy he was working your typical 9-5 job in software. Immaani was always the type of person who knew he wanted more than just working 9-5 every day. He tried dropshipping and affiliate marketing as well, but neither took off the way that he had hoped for. Immaani joined RIA hoping for financial freedom as well as the freedom to work for himself, whenever and wherever he wanted.



Immaani described his first big win in RIA as “easy”. Immaani got his first client on his first try, and said that once he did that, he realized how in demand this service was! Immaani felt himself breaking free of his self-limiting beliefs. When he first started in this program, Immaani never saw himself making $10k +/ month. He would often say that was his goal, but deep down it felt more like a dream that he didn’t know if he would ever reach. Right now, Immaani is at $8k/month, but he is on track to be making over $15k/month in the next two or three months! “RIA made me realize my worth, potential, and inner animal” is what Immaani said describing his success in the program.


The Process

When Immaani first joined Remote Integrator Academy, he was immediately drawn in after seeing the content. Immaani loved how hands-on everything was. He loved the real-life examples that were portrayed, as well as thorough, detailed walkthroughs of all of the topics being taught. Aside from the content, Immaani felt very comfortable in the community, and the coaching calls. Immaani says, “If you really immerse yourself into everything there is no way you won’t learn”.

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